Sunday, January 15, 2012

Winter has arrived.

And I am not that happy about it. The Pin Heads struggle so in the snow. Colby can't see well, the glare and low definition is just too hard for her failing one eye. Sucks. Very sad to have to leave her home. The ice was too much for Roscoe. He just couldn't get a grip on it and would slip and slide. Following our path from our snowshoes wasn't much fun for him, so he stayed home, too. Spur did great, managing the ice and the path, but I was WORN out yesterday trying to figure out how to get them exercised before TODAY.

Why before TODAY........It's FREAKIN' 11 degrees at 2:00???? That's too damn cold. My barn kitties didn't even sunbath, they stayed snuggled in their beds on top of their warmed up "Snuggle Safe" disks I microwave for them. LOVE those things. I warmed them up last night before doing to bed and this morning they STILL had some warmth!!

LOVE my hot water in the barn. That makes life SO much easier. The water for the horses was not frozen solid this morning. That's AWESOME!! Two buckets of hot water added before bed did the trick!

The horses enjoyed the snow when it first arrived, but now.......they are hovered by the barn in the warmth of the sun. However, here is another video of Jewel being Jewel. She sure seems to feel good! I think she is a little sore from that exercise, but not terribly. It may just be that it's SO damn cold today.

Watch the hooves fly -

And another video from Wednesday night's agility class. Watch Spur nail his contact even going nearly into nothing AND starting with NO speed. Good little Monkey Pants!!!

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