Friday, January 20, 2012

Winter is hard

Doing Spur's Daily Teeter takes some effort now. He has to crunch through the snow. I'm just tired of shoveling. As you see, he does it anyway, good little man!

The light in the afternoon draws LONGGGGGG shadows. Love this photo, if only Spur was in focus.
Roscoe was just plain cold, but look at his LONG shadow. Too long even for the camera!!

Colby struggles to see. Poor thing had to be returned from our walk as I just felt it was too hard on her. No fun and just not worth it.

She's extra careful when it's slippery and that's good, but it makes it a bummer for her. The day before was warmer and less hard/slippery and she did great. We take what we can get, but yesterday sucked for her.

I do as much shoveling as I can. It uses muscles I don't use much. You know what that means. I have a massage on Saturday.......THANK GOODNESS!!!! I only shoveled a run way around the garden. Then I slapped on my snow shoes and crunched the crust down enough for them to walk on it. Both Spur and Roscoe slip the whole way to the fence on their first attempts. :O

Winter is hard. It's just plain hard. Today is going to be interesting as the small snow cover we got overnight has covered up the ice. I carefully dodged it on my walks all week. Now I can't even see it to dodge it. May be a day for the Stabilicers. They suck to wear, just hard to move in and heavy, but they sure keep me from slipping on the ice.

Spring is on it's way, right? Not that I am looking forward to mud season, but I am really no longer a fan of the snow. It's always too much work and keeps me from getting my dogs the exercise they need. Next week the tide will be low in the afternoon, so we may get some beach walks in. This week it was high tide in the afternoon. Just not enough beach to make the drive there worth it.


  1. Your dogs and pictures are amazing :) I hardly ever read blogs but I got here somehow and I must add that the little blurb under "Roscoe and his housemates" just made me actually Laugh Out Loud. I am the proud owner of a little cavalier mixed rescue pup and he is just as hilarious as he is adorable- your dogs definitely seem to have that going for them.

  2. Love the winter teeter! Your dogs are so cute!