Tuesday, January 31, 2012

I see the good in amongst the flapping statue

That's what happens in the Gamble class. It turns us humans into flapping statues. I'll explain to all my non-agility friends. Agility friends all know what I am talking about. In Gamble you go out and run a bunch of obstacles of your own choice, getting points for each. That's what the judge is yelling and waving her fingers about. Points. You need lots of points. In this course the Dog Walk was 7 points. YAY, Spur can do that twice for 14 points!!!

Then after so many seconds this OBNOXIOUS and worrisome buzzer will buzz. At this point you have like 18 seconds to send the dog across a line to like four obstacles. You can't cross that line!! The sound sends chills through me. I turn into a flapper girl immediately and can't think, my mental state starts to flap. My brain flaps! Seriously, Gambles make my brain turn to scrambled eggs. I stop thinking!!!! And then I make all these stupid decisions because I have no brain left.

I GOT the Gamble on Saturday, but of course I don't have THAT one on film. It was our first one in a YEAR!! We need five for Spur's Championship, so at this rate he will be seven. Whatevaahhhhhh.........it's just a title. I want it.......I want it BAD. So bad I scramble my brain.

After Saturday I breathed a little easier and tried like HECK to stick with that momentum. I did, I held it together after that obnoxious buzzer. Enough to make sure I sent him to the approach properly and as I planned. That meant taking the jump he didn't need to take, but it set him up for the tunnel nicely. Then my brain scrambled and I turned into that flapping statue I am SO good at. Oh well, the good thing is my brain didn't scramble immediately!!! That's PROGRESS!!!! That is worthy of a huge celebration!!! PARTY FOR ME!!!! And I do feel better because like three only people got this gamble. Didn't seem THAT hard, but I guess it was.

And, notice how he bolts off his start line?? YAY for that!!! That work is paying off!!! PARTY FOR SPUR!!! PARTY FOR ME!!! I am celebrating the little things here........

Oh and by the way.......I guess we are now that "cute couple".

Roscoe - he was good at gambles. He and I were Gamble King and Queen. So, it's not like I don't know HOW to do this sort of thing. I just scramble my brain with Spur for some stupid and unexplained reason. Scrambled Gamble Brain.

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  1. I love Gamblers! I just repeat to myself "the line is not my friend" but of course I still end up stuck half the time.

    Great commentary on the video :)