Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Winter is hard. Did I already say that this week?

Colby is totally unimpressed with this January thaw. That's WATER running over the farm road. It was just a river in places. Yeah, nice to have 50 degrees, but it sure made our walks icky. We made it to the hill and she got to hunt awakened rodents, but still it was hardly worth it.
Spur works on his core. Those hind legs and stomach muscles needed to be............all buff and strong and........Spur!!! He's in pretty good shape, regardless of the tough going on the farm. HE still manages to run through the snow and slush, no picking HIS way. He just plows through.

This is a small stump we are working on his balance with. It has taken a few sessions, but he did SO well!!!! That's some great balance!!!!

It's a small stump.
What a MAN!!! That takes strength and concentration, good Monkey Pants!!!

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