Friday, January 27, 2012

Tricks again

Last Saturday it was too cold. Never got above 18 here. Oi!! I stoked the woodstove all day and rearranged my wall photos and pictures. Useless day, rearranging pictures. I didn't do my newsletter, organize my files and clean up my desk. I rearranged pictures on my walls. For what??? Did I feel better after doing that? It took ALL DAY!!!!

OK, so maybe I do have a different vantage point on each item, but WHY???? Why did I need to do that? It was like an obsession. I couldn't stop. You know, when you start to clean out one closet and that leads to the junk drawer? Like that. Only it was my walls. Then I noticed the 18 years of dust on my curtains. The curtains I NO LONGER LIKE. I thought about tearing them down and buying fresh, new curtains. Then I ran the numbers. I rearranged more things on the walls, instead.

Then I trained the dogs, some trick training. They were bored of my wall arrangement. They always are up for tricks. Especially........Rotten Roscoe. We are working on his "Frog" trick. He's kind of nutty about it because of his "rev yer engines" trick where he kicks his back feet. So, it's a little frantic, but we managed to get some understanding. He's a NUT CASE!!!!

We'll keep at it next time it's too cold for anything else but wall arrangement.


  1. Cute! I just finished teaching this trick to the puppy! However I have completely failed with the other 2 and I've been tryign to use a pillow too. The thing is the corgi lies like this this all the time but I have given up on capturing any trick (admittedly without trying too hard to capture). Any hints on shaping it?

  2. So, it didn't work with the pillow for Lance? I just had each dog lie on the pillow and slowly lure forward. Every one would stretch out and I could click for hind feet. I had to then fade the lure, but that wasn't too hard.