Thursday, January 5, 2012

I LOVE slow motion!!

This is SO cool!!

**Update on my start line. I think I might have something here!! OK, I know I said that before, but the other day I did my session and he had a weenie attack. He SCREAMED like I just broke his leg because I maybe pulled his hair when I held him. Oh my!! So, then he looked like he wanted to kill himself, doing agility with me was THAT bad, but I was just like........"hey, dude, you can do this, stop being a weenie!!" And, you know, he did.

Rewarding with a tossed ball after a tunnel is his favorite game. So, he was willing to weenie it out and keep going. The next day I set up a two jump threadle to the tunnel. He couldn't do it. He couldn't bear to come in, oh the pressure of it all he just had to go wide and serp it, but I insisted. Down to a trot he went. I worked through it some, then quit.

At class last night our starts worked!!! I am trying to be VERY programmed......two times "ready".......a pause and "GO". Every time. "Ready, ready.......GO". Every single time, so he has something he can count on. Same thing, every time. That's taking a little training on MY part. Sometimes I add a "ready". Oops. NO, I need it to be clear and consistent....."Ready, ready.....GO".

Our session today with the two jump threadle was better. I made it easier by angling the jumps more. But, he was really FLYING by the last time and I had moved one jump in a little more each time so it was pretty hard for him. I am pretty pleased. I need to figure out a few more hard jump sets before the tunnel now. Like a pinwheel or something where I have to get in and front cross in front of him or something. I did film yesterday, but it's on my iPad and I need to figure out editing in the stupid little iMovie app that's as basic as can be.

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  1. I'm glad it's going well!

    When I watched that video I kept thinking how cool it was but at the same time i was wishing for more slow mo running contacts!