Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Your dog's favorite toy this Christmas?

Um, mine would be the TICK!!!! Bwaaaaaaaaa!!!!

They all loved the tick!!! So glad to have such special toys while the weather is SO lovely.......not........
It's just FREAKIN' COLD out there!!! Even furry Spur had to come running in holding up his cold paws yesterday. YIKES!!! I am SO done with the WIND! Yet, unfortunately it is STILL here. But, at least the sun is out, the horses are able to enjoy a sun bath and roll in the snow. I locked them up during the storm. They would much rather be standing at the tree line, covered in snow and ice and shivering, instead of snuggled warm in the barn, but that's just them. Silly girls strong natural instinct over-powers them at times. Don't really get it, but whatevahhhhhhh...............they have their natural instincts. I have mine. Stay warm and snuggled by the wood stove with a good book. That's my over-powering natural instinct.

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