Friday, December 24, 2010

I may be too busy to get on here tomorrow!! So.....

Merry Christmas from the Crazy Carlson Canine Crew!!!

Spur, Roscoe and Colby!!

I took like a million photos, again. Too dark, too blurry, too crazy, devil eyes and then the ones that came out great, but while loading them the other dogs got CUT OUT!!! WTF???? Digital issues. It happens more and more. I am hoping I am not wearing out my camera? I mean it isn't the greatest camera. Or did you already know that because I bitch about it all the time?
This photo may have cut out Spur and Colby, but it is wicked cute of Roscoe!! Sometimes he can look SO sweet and innocent. Doesn't he look sweet? Innocent? NO??? Oh, that's just because you KNOW him. If you didn't know him would you not think he was sweet and innocent in that photo???? SO cute, SO sweet.............SO innocent..........yep, that's my Roscoe Rotten Roscoe. Recalcitrant Roscoe. Right On Roscoe!!!!! You sell it, boy. You are sweet as sour apple pie!!!

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  1. Merry Christmas to you and your family from the Urban Canines!