Monday, December 6, 2010

It comes and goes

I made it through the night with the help of a Cepacol throat spray and nighttime NyQuil. Ick! That stuff is GROSS! Slept pretty well, though.

Made it to the grocery store and bought bags of throat lozenges. Now I have to brush my teeth all the time.

First walk was FREAKIN' cold. It felt cold. Little Max seemed happy as could be, not cold for little Max. Max never complains. I wore my new Sahelia winter pants. Fleece inside, smooth outer. SO cozy and warm. And hair doesn't STICK TO THEM!!!!! Sorry winter fleece, you have been outdone! Love my new winter pants!!!!

By walk number four I was dragging. I tried to stand tall, good posture helps, and walk briskly. I mean, that's what I get paid for. I felt my shoulders sag and then............oh no.........I coughed..........OUCH! That SO hurts my throat. Stood tall, walked briskly. I did it, really, I did!

Had lunch, drank "gallons", headed back out. Feeling pretty good! I took one Excedrin Migraine. Those are GREAT! Actually, it's just some acetaminophen/caffiene/aspirin. And one did the trick. I felt energized and managed my afternoon walks and a couple kitty visits feeling pretty chipper. Got home and thought feel pretty good doggies, let's go for a farm walk!!!

They were PUMPED, since they didn't get their morning walk. OK, I felt it coming...........I got colder and colder and my shoulders started to all the way to the farthest away and the WIND hit me as I turned back for home. DAMN IT!!!! I started coughing - OUCH. My eyes watered. I tried to call the dogs back to me and could barely squeak out words, my voice is GONE! I just hoped there were no foxes around for them to chase and me to have to yell to recall them. That would not have happened. No voice. No foxes, thankfully, and I managed a weak recall and kept them close to me the rest of the way home.

Now I am drinking tea and contemplating if I have energy for a hot shower. What WAS I thinking???? Supposed to go shopping with Cin tonight. Not sure I can summon the energy. Already told her she might not want to be infected. Maybe that hot shower will re-energize me.

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