Wednesday, December 22, 2010

ACK! I am SO behind!

OK, so it's my own damn fault. Decided to work this holiday. Decided to do that AKC trial last weekend. WHAT WAS I THINKING??? Next year, NOT WORKING! Do a trial the weekend before? Maybe! :P

So, I did manage to get most of my Christmas cards out. Except one for my sweet neighbor who helps look out for and care for old Zeus. He's doing GREAT right now. Fat and happy for the winter!!! We are figuring it has to be irritable bowel issues to have recovered so well. If it was cancer he would not be doing so well. I have to take him in for a re-check on his thyroid. NOT looking forward to that. It is a good time of year, though, since he is staying in the barn a LOT with the bad weather. So I should be able to catch him and when I bring him back he may not leave for several days pouting.

Poor Jewel hasn't been ridden in weeks. Poor Jewel??? Hah, she's happy as can be. Really, does a horse ultimately LIKE being ridden? Nah.........they are grazing animals and what makes them most happy is to just be peaceful and graze all day. I know some, and Jewel is one, who do enjoy heading out on a trail ride. It's exciting and something different and interesting. Horses are curious animals, so they do like exploring. But what would they chose? To graze peacefully all day. I am sure of that.

OK, enough........MUST finish my wrapping and housecleaning..........Rich informs me the other day his folks are coming Christmas day for the night. OK, cool. It IS cool, I love his folks, but the bedroom isn't set up right now!!!! ACK!!! I told him he HAD to help me with housecleaning. That's usually my duty, but with all the work I have he has to help out. He will, he's great about that and he has done most of the shopping. He is a good shopper. He did all the shopping for his whole family. GOOD GUY!!!!!

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