Saturday, December 4, 2010

Trying to get in the spirit

Went shopping at 9:00 this morning to beat the crowds. Claustrophobia isn't good for Christmas shopping and I do most of it on line now - LOVE that. But, I needed some craft supplies and some pet supplies. I managed to combine the pet store and craft store in nearly one stop. Phew! Somehow I dropped nearly $200 and I am not really sure how? Between the $24 dog toy I bought my friend Laura to celebrate her dog's ADCH and the nice ribbon I like for wrapping gifts,, shit,.........what else added up to nearly $200??? I'll have to look through my bags. Shit!

That didn't leave me much for the open house at my friend Lydia's craft shop. Oi! Ate too much chocolate at Lydia's.......oink, oink.

Thought about finding a poinsettia and decided I didn't need one. Really, I don't. My house is festive and bright anyway because I love colors and Rich bought a garland I will put up in the kitchen later and, besides, I bought some paper whites. Those always add holiday cheer and a strange smell. OK, so some of them are going to my friend Laura to celebrate her ADCH. But, some are for here!

Took the dogs on a muddy farm walk and decided it might be a good day for baths. I don't bathe them all that often, but Colby sheds like you wouldn't believe for a little MinPin and it helps to really loosen up the dead hair follicles on occasion with a good scrubbing. And they are all a little itchy right now. I think the mold has many dogs with skin issues right now, so a good selsun blue bath would do them good. Spur looks so soft and fluffy!!!!

I stoked the woodstove for them to dry near. It's about 75 degrees in here, but they are lovin' it! I'll try to get some photos.

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