Monday, December 27, 2010

Testing my new camera!!

OK, so it isn't exactly what I would ultimately like.......a really, really GOOD camera, one that takes super nice guality photos..........but it is new and hopefully won't have function issues like my old one is having AND it is small enough to fit in my pocket!! YEAH!! And it has pretty good video capacity. I did a test. Not sure I am thrilled with the quality, but it has features that my cheap little flip doesn't have, like I can do super slow motion on the play back screen, like even one frame at a time if I want.
And outside it may show better quality, but it is snowing like mad again here this morning, so I am not going out to video anything at the moment.
Here is my test this morning.......

Took about half an hour to load on youtube, but whatevahhhhhh.

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