Thursday, December 23, 2010

Technically challenged, that's for sure.

I can NOT seem to get a photo in focus in our DZ. We call our front room the DZ because it is sort of separated from the rest of the house. Like a foyer/room all to itself. Nice because Miss Colby likes to open presents, so if the tree is in a room she has access to we can't put any presents under the tree. Rich's dad named it the Decompression Zone. A room company can arrive and settle before being exposed to the MONSTERS. He has a good point. So, it's the DZ. I think the tree is a little small this year. NICE, but small. Jay Cox trims the trees beautifully. Much better than his dad. We love getting our fresh trees from our neighbors and it's nice that Jay is so particular. He IS particular and it is a lovely tree!!!

Colby has been wearing her bling lately. Lisa gave it to her when she got her MACH. See the MACH bar behind her!! :D She is such a Princess now. Retired, pampered, that little throw she is sitting on is a gift from Lisa this year. She loves it, so soft and perfect for a Princess (damn, I wish she had full ears)..........
Yesterday Rich, big ole softie, was carrying her around showing Renae Colby's bling. OH where was my video???? How many guys would carry their little dog around and show of her bling????

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