Friday, December 17, 2010

Photos for my newsletter!!

I just tried to get all three dogs in front of the tree. Both cameras kept taking blurry shots. We even tried putting it on the tripod!! Damn it!! I just don't get it. TOTALLY frustrated.

I was finally able to get THIS one shot out of like a MILLION!!! It isn't great, but do you think it is newsletter worthy? I am trying to get a photo of my dogs in their Apache River coats. My favorite winter coats for dogs. I am thinking this one is acceptable. He doesn't look miserable, it does show the coat and it isn't TOTALLY out of focus. Thoughts? Is it newsletter worthy?
This one was from a beach walk a couple weeks ago, but the dogs look cold and unhappy. And it's SO dark. I hate my cameras, but buying a new, GOOD one isn't in our budget right now. After all, I did ask for an Ipod, but Rich priced them and at $900, plus $25/month for internet access also isn't in our budget.

So, I am stuck with a crappy camera taking crappy photos. >:/

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