Monday, December 13, 2010

The crew from the weekend!

This shot is minus Page. She hates cameras and at her age she doesn't need to pose! So, from left to right we have BAM!, Colby, Jones, Roscoe, Kelso, Spur and Zep. Page used to be really grossed out by the Pin Heads. Their busy, growly, talking would irritate her and me always having to yell at them to be quiet in hotel rooms bothered her. She hated the sight of them. Now, not so much. She's going deaf, so it just doesn't bother her any more. In fact, this photo below has her sleeping right in front of Roscoe's bed. And believe me he grumbled at her about it, but she was oblivious. :D
My friend Lisa came over to help trim the tree and brought her shih tzu's. What was two more? Ten!!! Here they are posing with Mr. Jones. The groomed dogs..........


  1. Wow great job getting so many dogs to cooperate!Cute pics!

  2. That is quite the crew you had this weekend! Good job getting a posed picture!