Sunday, December 12, 2010

10 dogs here last night!

I don't usually take in dogs. Roscoe can be tweaky with strange dogs, but these dogs are my friend Cindy's and we often travel together to dog shows and stay in a hotel room together with all the dogs. the shih tzu's, they made the 10 last night. But, sometimes my dogs and the shih tzu's stay together, so really all the dogs are very familiar with my dogs and.....Roscoe. And it was a last minute family issue (gramma died), so they needed a place for the dogs quickly and what the heck. What's 5 more dogs for one night?

I'll load a video later. It's a LOT of dogs. Thankfully, it was about 45 degrees in my dog yard yesterday and they got to play and hang outside for a while. They were pretty zonked last night. Lisa came over with her two shih tzu's to help me trim my tree. We let the littles (the ones under 20lbs) into the room with the tree. The bigs are just too big for that small room and the tree. Zep got a bitch speaking from Stella, the shih tzu, so he went back with the bigs. The Pin Heads wanted to stay by the warm woodstove, Colby had designated that her compound and put a 5 foot zone around it/her. Bitch. Jones fit right in, he has stayed with us before. He posed nicely with the shih tzu's.
Sure wish I could figure out how to remove the white eye. Yikes..........possessed dogs!!

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