Thursday, December 2, 2010

Professional or kind of home made?

I am SO far behind. I just realised I have no Christmas cards, I have no photo for Christmas cards. ACK! The thing is, ordering them now means then arrive in a few weeks. Um......Christmas isn't that much farther than a few weeks. OI!!

I ordered them anyway. I used this photo from last year. I cropped the top so you can't really tell there is a huge tree knot coming out of my head. Roscoe looks cold. -

My friend Helen took photos this summer, but none of them are just right. I need to try again next year. It's hard to get one where all four of us are looking good. Especially now that Colby squints all the time. Poor girlie.

I decided to only order 20 cards. I'll use the professionally done ones for my mid-day clients and vet clinics and pet stores who refer folks to me. All my other clients will get cards I will have to go buy and I'll print out the photo on our printer and glue it inside. So there. That's my decision and I'm stickin' to it!!

I mean, here it is December first and I haven't done......oh's the second isn't it?................... I haven't done ANY Christmas shopping. WAaaaaaaaa.............

I promised my Mom a painting of her dog, Joe. Damn, I better get on THAT!!!

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  1. Every freaking year I say I WILL do a photo card and EVERY freaking year it sneaks up on me. Glad to see I'm in good company!