Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Yikes, what happened?

To my life??? Suddenly CRAZY busy, phone calls coming every day, emails, business is suddenly BOOMING! That's good, but OH MY, getting it all handled and straightened out is a juggling act!

Carrie and I are sharing a two month job caring for four kitties. Last weekend one ripped open the barricade that the owner's had put up to keep them out of under the stairs. Duck tape and cardboard just don't do it. Well, turns out under the stairs is a tiny cubby hole that leads to a little closet area, that if the kitty climbs the shelves she can get into.........THE WALLS!!! Which she did. I had visions of her making her way deep into the walls of the house and not seeing her for the next 7 weeks. Um..........NIGHTMARE!!!

Rich helped me and removed a small panel of the ceiling and we did spot her. No reaching her, but she looked to have a dead end, THANK GOD! So, we left everything open, praying the other kitties would not join her. Carrie found her out yesterday!! WAHOOOOOOOO!!!! I ran right over with my drill and properly secured all wall/ceiling hole entrances! Damn, that was freaking me out! "Job From Hell" is cooling off and turning into not so bad. :D

This week my mid-day walks are at an all time high. Yesterday, as I thoroughly enjoyed every one, I thought about how I would be feeling if I had this many walks this past summer in that heat. This week, I am lovin' the extra walks! I felt like the heat just dragged me and the dogs down and we all were moving in slow motion. It's like we have LIFE back in our steps!! The dogs are feeling GREAT and moving out and I am finally feeling ALIVE again!! It was a long, hot summer for a dog walker and this great fall weather is absolutely THE BEST!!

So, if I am not posting here as much as usual, it's because I am logging the miles with a dog on my arm! :D I am also working really hard on Spur's contacts with the BARK trial coming up this weekend. Yesterday he did two very nice contacts at class. Not super speedy, we were in one of our strange melt-downs, but he wasn't trotting. He lopped it and nailed his contact twice, so perhaps we are onto something!!

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