Friday, September 10, 2010

Meet Fergie!!

My first Mini-Aussie charge!! Twice/week dog walk girlie! YAY!! Even though I think Spur is a mix, I am drawn to the mini-aussies just to compare, check out what he is supposed to be. She is about Spur's size already at only 5 1/2 months. Her coloring is like his brother, but she doesn't have a tail. Bummer, man! Hate that, but what is eerie is she looks SO much like my Jess (RIP). Her movements, her manners, her softie, melt in your arms attitude. Jess was an aussie/minpin mix and about the size that Fergie is now.

Her silly little face scrunches up SO cute when she grabs her ball!!!
She is very smart. SO wish she had a tail. Her little bum wiggles just like my Jess' did and it melts my heart, but I am SO done with dogs not having tails. What the HECK??? Why do we do that? What's the point? I hear there was a point with big aussies, the tail caught so many prickers and brambles and dirt and could distract the livestock they worked. Um, OK, I guess that makes sense? Sort of. I have seen many aussies with tails and they do just fine. Heck, collies have tails and they do fine. Border collies have tails and they do fine. Talk about hair catching things, a collie has TONS. You wouldn't dock their back legs because of hair now, would you??? >:/

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