Thursday, September 23, 2010

Too much fun ended in trouble

Spur and Roscoe enjoy the chase-me game. This video is last winter, but it clearly shows the issue = the table and chair legs they sometimes run through. I try to manage the game and prevent it, but sometimes they head right through there.

Well, yesterday morning Roscoe impaled himself on a chair leg. Stopped him dead short!! He smashed his mouth and broke a tooth. I think the tooth will be OK, it's just broken at the bottom and still seems firmly rooted. His head, neck and back are a bit sore. Took him to the vet for cold lazer and acupressure. Gave him aspirin and hopefully he'll be just fine. Poor little guy!!!

I hate to think this could end his chase-me games. Those are SUCH good exercise.

I may not get on here to post for a while. WAY busy day today and tomorrow as soon as my walks are done we are off to RI for the BARK trial. I can't WAIT!!!! I love that site. Long drive, but the site is lovely and the hotel really nice!!!

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  1. Obviously, you'll have to get rid of that patio furniture as it is getting in the dogs' way.