Friday, September 17, 2010


That would be short for Stupid Student Syndrome. You know of that? NO? Really? I thought everyone had that. Please say it isn't JUST me?

I don't know why this happens sometimes, but sometimes at agility class I feel like I have about ten thumbs, twenty big toes and a brain the size of a pea!! I do things that I know I shouldn't do. Over and over and over. I become that idiot person I see stumbling over their poor little dog, gasping for air, trying to remember the course. OK, so maybe it isn't THAT bad or maybe it IS, but I do hate those days when I drive home thinking..........WHAT WAS I THINKING????

I try to be all organized and plan my runs and what to do if things go wrong and make plans and plan and plan. OK, so all my planning and thoughts went out the window yesterday. I DID manage to put a stick in the ground pole at the end of the dog walk to make the contact successful for Spur, but other than that, my plans were non-existent. Gone from my head, so I end up simply giving him tons of cookies for doing nothing but being my buddy and getting pats at the end of our horrible run. It does nothing more than make the end of his run happy, make ME feel better. You know, I get that thing Patricia McConnell calls........"all oxytociny feeling".......just by feeding my dog. OI! Whatevahhhhhh............

I have to admit my classmates irritate me a little and that doesn't help my plans. We have many different jump heights in this class, and I don't like running my two back to back, and it is like pulling teeth to get them to help change the bars. Changing the bars makes class go so much faster, smoother, not so much waiting between runs. The instructor can not do it all herself, it would take TOO long. I always try to help change bars. I like it, because as I do it I am chatting about what went right or wrong with my run here, or there or with someone else's run here or there, or at that jump or the other. I am engaged in the class and it helps run things faster and smoother. The others......not so much chatting, not ready when their turn comes, we loose precious time waiting for makes me NUTS!

So, classmates if you are reading this and you very well might be..........PULEEEEEZZZZZZ..........HELP CHANGE JUMP BARS!!!! You will learn something while doing it, class will go so much faster and we might even get more time to do something ELSE at the end of class!! We pay good money for class, let's get all we can out of it, A? OK?

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