Sunday, September 5, 2010

Hey! I think I have an agility dog!

The Spurminator ROCKED his agility trial this weekend. Again! We are on a roll!! OK, so this time, though, not as many Q's. But, our NQ runs were AWESOME!! He was faster, happier, more confident than before and that is SO cool!

We do seem to be having a 10th pole pop out issue at the moment. Three of four pole attempts had a 10th pole pop out. Huh. That we can work on, so we will. He enjoys his poles, so off to work we go on finishing his poles.

We also had two of three dog walk contacts missed. That I wasn't surprised about. His contact must be maintained a LOT and we haven't done much at all for over a month. I just can't get out there and run may ass off when it's 90+ degrees and humid. I just can't. So, this week, we will be running.....lots of running dog walks. I also know that I didn't run full out while he was on his dog walk and my slowing down is not a good thing. I worry and then he slows down and ends up leaping the end. If I can just stay at top speed the whole way he has a much greater chance of hitting the contact. We are having a bit of a learning curve here.

I had some gigantuan handling errors that messed him up big time here and there, but the good little buggar recovered and put his big boy pants on and looked sharp and happy again. His last run was standard and he had the most AWESOME, super fast A-frame. I beat him to the other side of it and was amazed to see his tiny body leaping the apex!! Wahoooooooooooo.......Spur Man!!!

And, this was his first trial completely in PIII (Masters) level!! YAY!!! We had a really nice snooker run for a Super Q!! Hah! His first ever PIII snooker and he gets a Super Q!

He just keeps getting faster and more and more comfortable with the whole scene. I could not BE more proud!

Roscoe did one run, just to test his outdoor agility trial status. It was OK. Pretty OK. Almost really good. I had stupid handling errors, but he looked pretty good.

**Video of his last run, Standard. He comes off the start line pretty nicely, with some good speed, you can see I start to slow down toward the end of the dog walk. It is going into "no where" and we have that kind of nasty weave entry after it, so I definitely am slowing down to get my front cross in there. My thoughts are that I should have RUN wicked fast, then just gathered him up and regrouped for the weave entry. Might have hit the contact, then. I look back at my other videos and the good hits I do keep running. I notice Angie Benaquisto does that, she RUNS like the WIND when Dylan is on his dog walk. And SHE can RUN!

You will also notice the second to last jump where I do a not so well executed rear cross, he knocks the bar and it scares him so he scoots around the last jump. Poor little buggar. I left the ring with him like he was a ROCK STAR! There were moments of brilliance out there and I didn't want him to think otherwise at this early stage in his career. He needs all the support he can get!! I mean, really, that was one of his nicest A-frames! Just how I want it done, perfect!

And just to compare, because I think that is very helpful with a dog like him, so I don't forget how far we have come. This video is from last June, 09 at class. Not too long after his teeter "crash".

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