Monday, September 27, 2010

BARK trial report when Spur WON PGP!!

Not only did he win PGP, but he also won PSJ!!! We had a great weekend! Saturday had ups and downs as we are definitely still figuring things out. I decided not to have my friend Cindy hold one of the boys between their runs and that was decidedly an up!! I often have her hold one since there are sometimes just a few dogs between them. This time I set up their crates as close as I felt comfortable to the Masters ring gate. That way I could get one out, pre-load that empty crate with treats, run that dog, bring him back to the treated crate, grab the other. It worked pretty well, I think and they seemed to like it better than being held. Even by Cindy, who they both like pretty well. And I am quite sure Cindy is very happy not to have to hold one. She never complained, but damn they could be a pain, especially SCREAMING Spur as he watched me head off with Roscoe!

And it wasn't as hard as I thought it would be!! The dogs dealt with it better and it's now the way it will be.

OK, so all my non-agility friends - PGP is Performance Grand Prix. PSJ is Performance Speed Jumping. In PGP there is nearly a full agility course of obstacles. The only thing missing is the table, so it's fun, fast and full of obstacles. PSJ is a course that includes doing the weaves twice or the a-frame twice, but has no dog walk or teeter or table. There can be tunnels and there are lots of jumps. It's FAST and fun and usually has a nice flow to it. These are essential qualifiers for bigger events. So, by winning the PGP Spur now has a "bye" for next year's Regional. We got a big ribbon and an official looking pink sheet confirming our "bye". What the heck? OK, I guess that means he can skip the first round and go straight to the second round at a regional. COOL!!! As if we have such big plans.

It was nice to get these wins and Spur ran really well. Roscoe was a close second in both runs. He ran well all weekend and showed no sign of his crash with the patio furniture last week. Phew!! He's a tough little buggar!!

One disturbing occurance during the weekend was Spur aggressed at two dogs. :O OK, so I kind of thought I had done my time with aggression in dogs. *Roscoe*. I guess not. I am still being tested, still paying my dues, still going to have to put in the time with a reactive dog? My consolation? He is not people aggressive at all. I think what is happening is he is feeling pretty good about himself now that he has had some BIG FAT RIBBONS and his all important "bye" and is pounding his chest some!! DAMN! I am glad he feels so pumped up and BIG, but aggressing at the giant shepherd as we entered the building was perhaps not the right choice? Time for some strict management at trials now. "WATCH OUT, HERE COMES THAT IDIOT LADY WITH HER TINY BLACK TERROR DOGS!!!" I thought I was over that. Roscoe is awesome with other dogs now.!

Enough of that, I will deal. These dogs come to us for a reason, right? I will deal. Spur will be managed. Better. No letting the dumb cocker come sniff the left over salmon Spur is eating as we warm up ring side. OK, so really that was DUMB on the owner's part, but her dog has met Spur before and done fine. Still, when a dog is being fed.......well.....anything really, but especially yummy, stinky, slimey, smelly left-over salmon, don't let your dog come up and get in that dog's face!!!! Just don't do it! Not a good plan.

The shepherd incident? Totally unprovoked. The Spurminator just LAUNCHED into a snarling, explosion of teeth and spit. Luckily, I had a tight leash and grabbed hold firmly and pulled him away. Still, it freaked me out and is a bummer.

Oh well, see, like I said we had out ups and downs.

Here are the videos. PGP first, PSJ finals below that. What a good little Monkey Pants!

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