Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Videos are SO helpful!

This is his Steeplechase run. Instead of my usual - push on his shoulder for opposition reflex start line stuff - I look like I kind of whack him in the head!!! :O Poor little guy!

In the heat of the moment some things just fly right out of one's head and we do things we are hardly even aware of. It's weird. Like aliens take over our bodies. I say that in the collective as if it happens to other people. It does, doesn't it? I know it does, I see it. I see it loud and clear when watching others, but when I do it I don't see it so clearly. Odd how that happens.

So, after that nice whack in the head he doesn't start off all that fast, but then starts to pick up speed. Does one of his awesome A-frames and then we are moving!! My front cross doesn't look SO bad, but obviously he didn't read it that well and lands somewhat behind me, which slows him down. Darn. But, then he gets into his weaves and is REALLY moving along, so I peel off thinking I can since he is SO super fast and SO super awesome.......he does a 10th pole pop out, darn it!! But, look at him go, he looks so happy and good and having fun and flying along and doing a nice A-frame and racing me to the finish. Full little Monkey Pants!!!

This one is our standard run. Or most of it. Look at that AWESOME teeter!!! Yay for Spur!!! He was clean except for another 10th pole pop out. And I converged into him, thinking I could keep him in there, but out he came. Oh well, an issue we have to work on. I heard it said this is a common green dog issue, so something we will work on. He sure looks happy and fast and doing a great job!! I am SO proud!!!

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