Friday, September 3, 2010

OH thank you Earl!

For hopefully bringing us some much needed rain. I am getting tired of watering! I haven't taken many garden photos lately because most things have dried up or gone by. I do have a full bunch of basil needing to be picked and made into Pesto, but that will have to wait until next week. Even though there is no cooking involved, it means time in the kitchen and I am just not interested in doing that when it is 90 degrees in the kitchen! :O

I have been making sure my crazy volunteer squash plant is watered. It is producing so many squashes for us!! It's AWESOME! But, notice the brown grass below it? Some of my lawn is completely dried up and brown and crispy. Totally gone dormant and hopefully will recover at some point.

We have already picked about 15 of these from this crazy plant!!! :D

And if you are a lucky recipient of one, know that I washed it well before handing it to you. Hahahahaha........actually, I don't think any dog pee has landed on a squash, just the outer leaves. Hey, it's growing in the dog yard!!! I'm not going to tell them they can't pee out there. All my perennials have to be dog pee hardy or they just don't make it. I do feel a little bad for my lovely lilac, which doesn't really like acidic soil. Pee = acidic soil. Damn. It's strategically planted right where the dogs head out and first pee. Oh well, lots of wood stove ashes help, I think. Sorry Lilac!
I had not planned on a squash in the yard. I thought I was tossing out "Wild Flower" seeds. But, this has been a bonus and we love this squash, so it's all good!
So, in comes Earl and hopefully heads out so our agility trial can go on as planned. Spur was the best ever at class Thursday!! Some time off seems to have helped, although he missed his dog walk contact. The dog walk was set heading into the fence. Not something I practice. Running it into pressure like that. Usually, he has lots of open ground to go after his ball at top speed when we practice at home. Or a tunnel to zoom into. I guess I should do some practice with some sort of pressure at the end and work on speed even though there is something facing him. I watched Lo Baker's video of her Push doing his weaves into pressure. The "pressure" was the other two dogs "killing" their toys at the end of the weaves as they watched him doing them. Wow, impressive!!! But, this is Lo, she is impressive with her training. I know no other who works things like Lo. She is amazing at training her dogs to handle all sorts of things.

This weekend will be Spur's first full PIII entry. That means Master's courses for everything he is entered in. Oh MY, Baby Spur is a "big" boy now! :O

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