Saturday, September 18, 2010

This day we went to the mountains!

It has to be one of my favorite hikes!! We have hiked Blueberry Mt. before, but this was a different route. Today's hike had us hiking up and onto this ridge - We passed a tiny stream with a tiny bridge. Carved out were the words, "No Diving", LOL!! The words were all grown in with moss!! So cool.....

The hike up took us up some very rocky trails. They had blasted the stone to make "stairs"!! What a LOT of work that must have been, but it was absolutely fabulous!!! A rugged hike, for sure, but without that work and without the "stairs" it would have been near impossible? -At the top there were few hand holds. The dogs just flew past me! Colby did great, regardless of her eye sight failing. We kept her close and made sure there were not big drops or leaps for her to mis-judge. We did have one slight scare just before leaving the forest and making our way to the summit...........the dogs flushed a porc!! Thankfully, a fast moving porcupine that allowed us to recall the dogs before they got to it!!! OI!!! That would have put a major damper on our hike. We stopped to rest at one point and admire the incredible views of Bald mountain. I loved those dead trees there!! The dogs loved their cookies.We found a shady spot for a photograph. Huh? I suppose a sunny spot might have been more appropriate? (Notice the agility tee shirt Rich is wearing!! Bwwaaaaaa!!!)Captain Roscoe had to pose on a cairn. Show off! (Oh shoot, my hand is there, showing the cookies I was using to get his attention! Oh well!) At the top we found this very cool wild flower!! It had gone to seed, but the seed heads were SO pretty and white and fluffy and awesome!! They grew in a big puddle of water!!
The trek down was easier. It was a nice loop and going down there were no rock stairs. Just trail, roots and rocks, but much easier going. We ended up on Stone House rd., a private property. OH MY, this is SOME property!!There is an AIRSTRIP there!! No shit!Colby found several grasshoppers to snack on!
My trail guide, showing us the way home.

I plan to return to this hike very soon. It was SO nice, perfect difficulty and there is a loop around a pond we could have done at the bottom, but we both had obligations to get home to. We plan to continue next time around the pond loop. Although, I suspect the pond loop is much more popular because it doesn't include any elevation or rock stairs. But I hear it is very, very pretty! We could see it from the outlook at the summit.


  1. What great pictures and the beautiful scenery is to die for. I bet you all slept good that night.

  2. Hmmm, well, actually this was a rugged hike, but honestly it was only a couple of hours. I think it was four miles, so it only took us about 2 1/2-3 hours? You might think that kind of hike would tire them out, They were begging for a walk that afternoon! :O I think Colby was the most tired. I think it is mentally tough on her with her failing eye sight. She LOVES it beyond anything we do, but struggling to see takes a toll on her. :( We may only have one more year of this kind of hike for her? I don't know. It is her favorite thing in the world to do.

  3. Amy, what a gorgeous hike! Where is it? Are the dogs allowed off leash? Ever worry about wild life? Like bears? Or hawks and stuff going after the little ones? I always wonder if a particularly aggressive hawk could get Sophia?!

  4. Yes, dogs are allowed off leash and yes I worry about wildlife. However, on our mountain hikes I worry more about bear than other critters. Although, I say that yet we have never, ever seen a bear in all the years I have been hiking. I worry about wildlife with my little dogs always. At home I have foxes and coyote that run through our property often. I have tons of photos of them. We have porcupines and skunks and racoons and groundhogs. All could harm my little dogs badly. The coyotes could kill them in an instant. We also have huge hawks here, a lovely pair. I worry about them all. On our hikes, not as much because we just don't see those critters there as much as we do at home. It is HUGE open forest land. But, it is always a worry. Always. But, I would never stop hiking or walking my dogs because I was worried about wild animals. Life doesn't end because of dangers. I just do the best I can to keep them close and safe. Hiking is perhaps one of their most favorite things to do in life!!! :D
    I think a hawk could attack the little dogs, but I know my dogs would fight HARD!! The boys chased a wild turkey once, who tried to stop and fight because Colby had just killed it's baby. :( The boys were undaunted by the huge bird and ready for turkey lunch! It flew off. A hawk could injure them, but I think the fight would be intense. Birds drive my dogs perhaps in ways nothing else does. They LOVE to go after birds.