Monday, September 13, 2010

Heeling challenge anyone?

Oh YEAH, do I love a training challenge!! We haven't practiced heeling in a while, so I thought I would see what we need to work on. Hah! A lot, apparently!! Maybe not so much with Roscoe, he's got it down pretty nicely. He LOVES heeling patterns. Spur, gotta practice, yeah we need some practice. But, he'll get it and he sure is flashy with his flying fur and white little toes. I was using dried Buffalo Hearts as treats and BOY, OH BOY, were those exciting smelling treats!!!

We have until the middle of October to come up with a video submission. I wish I knew how to edit with music and slo mo and stuff, but I don't.


  1. Hey Amy! Thanks for sharing the videos with us on Dog.Nerd. Be sure to let your readers know we are doing a gift certificate to Clean Run for the winner. I am hoping that the Dog.Nerd.101 Heeling Challenge can inspire people AND keep me motivated and on the ball with getting this done! Your videos set a high standard! I am going to be posting "base line" videos of Griff (and maybe Soph) this week... I think you will see that we have a ways to go :)

  2. OK, will do.
    Yes, heeling takes time. I'll give another tip = move fast, be exciting, reward at heel position only, make lots and lots of turns to keep them quessing. Do lots of spins as you are moving ahead, meaning spin the dog. For example - spin the dog to the outside, so as they are coming back to heel position they really have to move quickly, click during that burst of speed to catch up to heel position. I lure a lot when first teaching heel. Cookies pretty much glued to their noses. LOL! I am sure many instructors wouldn't think that is such a great idea, but with Spur it was absolutely necessary, I think.