Sunday, March 11, 2012

More homework and Roscoe just couldn't resist!

How could I tell him he couldn't play, too??!!! He really wasn't that much in the way, except on that last one where I nearly step on him. You can see how he sure was never taught to wrap a jump tight. LOL!! I let him join in as I didn't see how it was too much of an issue. Colby was smart enough to hang back, but at the end of each rep they all joined me and got cookies for doing a down. Roscoe would even offer his frog trick, hahahahaha!!!

I like this session because I am able to leave earlier. But, I think I still need to get him sending to the jump, committing to it from farther away. It IS better as I can leave and he doesn't pull away from the jump, but not a huge distance. In her assignment video she is probably about 15' away and sending her dog. That's pretty far distance!

Today I will try some right turns. We worked left turns only lately because my initial video showed he wasn't as tight on left turns and that makes sense because as we know from his RDW work he thinks better on his right lead. But, I better try some right turns before we progress. Goodness, this on line class is demanding!!!! I think we are supposed to have new homework tomorrow. ACK! I sure haven't mastered the homework currently. :O

It's really fun, though, and I am totally enjoying it. I haven't read a book in weeks, but I sure do love watching videos from people doing agility all over the world. GREAT fun!!! And I think these little exercises are going to REALLY help little Spur gain more confidence and speed. He sure seems to be having fun and that's really what it's about, right??? I'm not great at setting up my camera, but whatever. At least I am able to edit the videos in iMovie on my iPad with very little time!! THAT's very cool!!

My only complaint with the class is that people do not edit their videos enough. Some of them are WAY too long. I don't know how she stands it. I lose interest after about 1 1/2 minutes. Anything longer than that I my attention wanders or I stop watching. Some people send in FIVE minute videos or longer!!! She sometimes says something, but not often. I like to send in videos less than a minute, if possible. Why would you need more?? People will leave in their videos their tugging and rewarding and playing with their dogs. Why does that need to be there? It gets boring watching someone tug with their dog over and over and over. OK, great, you can play with your dog, that's great, but I don't need to see that again and again and again. I would certainly complain about that if I were the instructor.

Here is my SHORT video. Love that little Roscoe, he so wants to work!


  1. I think she gets tired of telling people the same thing over and over again. Also, some people aren't going to follow the directions any way. I'm guilty of not reading all her directions!! oops! This is my 3rd time through the foundations class and our videos keep getting shorter and shorter. Well....I TRY to keep them shorter :P

    You guys are doing great! Your dogs are SO cute and fast too :)

  2. Hahaha, Catalina! Yeah, I just submitted ANOTHER video and I realised maybe I edited out some stuff that could stay in? I cut some of it short, but honestly that's better I think than being too long. I don't know how she does it! Well, actually I don't think she does. She has admitted before

    Thanks for the nice words about my dogs! I LOVE them!!! Spur is going to really be helped by this class!! I am not sure he was ready for it before. These little drill sessions are not his favorite, but he learned to do it really well doing his RDW training. He LOVES that work!!!!

    I just wish I had a softer voice. I am SO intense and just don't even know it in real life. I hate my video voice, which is my real voice, but for real I don't hear it the same as I am tone deaf. Poor Spur, I guess he isn't bothered by it much any more. It probably bothered him a lot when he was younger. He's a good little boy!!!

    Your Tibby is adorable!! She is always so beautifully groomed!!!