Saturday, March 10, 2012

OH my, what a busy week!!

February, March and April are my busiest months. Many people go away during these months. So, my pet sits visits have increased a LOT!!!! I seem to be unable to keep up lately, but life is GOOD. I am very happy to have so much work and be making some extra cash!!! :D

Surprisingly, nearly all the snow melted this week and I got in some good homework practices. This session is trying some channel weaves for the first time. Silvia suggests using channels to practice hard stuff because weaving is hard on many dog's bodies. She says it isn't going to hurt your closed weaves, just practice those maybe once or twice, but when working some extra hard stuff and proofing solid weaving, open them. So, I was able to get my stick in the ground weaves in, the ground thawed just enough.

It was interesting watching Spur struggle a little with them. He had to do them a few times before remembering how to. He was trained on channels, but that was years ago. You will see in this video that he tries to "weave" pole ten a couple times. But, he does figure it out and does pretty well. In this session I worked on back crosses and stopping my forward motion. He did fine with those. He has a lot of groupies. He likes his groupies!

So, yesterday I tried some hard entries from the "soft" side. I started with the jump straight ahead so he curved into the entry, then I angled it to face the entry more which gave a straighter, more perpendicular approach which was harder. He missed the one time, but did pretty well!! I'll try some other challenges today. He had not trouble staying in them yesterday. I have them about 6 inches open. I tried at first opening them more, but that made it worse as he tried to weave one side, LOL!!! She basically likes the dogs to not have to "weave" when doing a bunch of reps, just run straight through.

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