Monday, March 5, 2012

Vomiting and diarhea?

So, busy weekend here, really. We had a houseful of Carlson's because of the storm. They were on their way to Sugarloaf to ski and the storm made their travel very slow, so they (five!) stopped here for the night. That's a lot of beds to make up!!! Fun to see them, BIL, FIL and two nephews and a neice.

Then I had just morning runs at the USDAA trial. Saturday was awesome, Spur's starts were FABULOUS!! I forgot to tell my videographers to be sure to GET the starts, so they aren't on the films, but he was SO fast I was out of position! Hahaha, good problem to have! No gamble, but I felt good. I breathed after the buzzer and that's HUGE!! Hahahahaha!

He had some loose poo that day, though, probably from some bits of pineapple? I don't get that very often, so that was a novelty and maybe didn't agree with him? Sunday we arrive, I potty the Pin Heads and bring their crates and such into the building and tuck them in. That's a feat in itself, so much easier if one can work out of their car, but too cold. Go get Spur and potty him.......ACK.....he proceeds to vomit up breakfast, several times, then have icky, messy poo. NOT easy to clean up in the snow and ice. Ugh........I look at him and he LOOKS fine, wants to go into the building and have fun, but I start to think maybe he's getting really sick. And maybe he has some virus and I don't want to keep him on the site if that's the case. So...........I put him back, pack up the Pin Heads and go home. :(

THAT SUCKED!!!!! Especially, since the courses looked really Spur-friendly!!! Good long start lines all the way across the ring, nothing twisty and turny until later in the course. Perfect for Spur. DAMN IT!!! The gamble even looks do-able!! But, we went home and sulked. And he acted TOTALLY FINE, going out to the yard and wanting his frisbee, bugging Colby to play. We took a short walk and he was RACING around. DAMN IT!!!

He then had a nice, solid poo. Go figure. It probably was the pineapple bits. Oi!!!

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  1. Yay, I'm so glad to hear about his startlines! And I'm glad he's feeling better!