Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Yikes, what happened to the days? It's Wednesday already!!

It's March, that's what happened. February, March and April = a lot of people go away. I have my full load of mid-day dog walks, plus a bunch of extra kitty visits for people away. I am BUSY!! And, the weather has been PHENOMENAL, so I am out enjoying it!!

Didn't get to the beach this week, mostly because the days were TOO nice and that means the beach will be very busy. It's just hard managing the dogs and the social skills they need with so many other dogs. It's just HARD. So, if my woods and fields are dry and we can play here, we do. And lots of farm walks.

And some homework for our online class, that I LOVE!! I just can't get over how fun it is, how HARD it is, and how Spur is SO enjoying the work!!!! I am seeing such a change in him!!! We worked over the weekend on right wraps. Something we had not done since the first time. Hah, those were not as tight as his left wraps now. Guess we can't just work on one, we must swap back and forth. Actually, that IS one of the next exercises, doing two jump figure 8's. I tried that today and I think he did great! It's hard to see how tight as I am running with him. And it's just a pain to set up the video.

Here is our latest submission. You can see his right wraps are not as tight. In one session however, he actually improved. The next time out he was MUCH tighter.

With the weaves I was trying to send him to the entry and then run in front and head the other way, but I had trouble getting there. He doesn't send as well as I thought he would on the hard entry side, so I'll work on that. He did better actually yesterday. Maybe the channels just look so different? He's catching on quickly, though. Amazingly fast!!

Roscoe SO wants to join in. I had to put him in the xpen during the weave work. I just don't think that's good on his back. The low jumps are OK, but weaving is hard on them. Maybe doing the channels would be OK, but I thought he would be in the way. Poor guy had to sit in the xpen, but I tossed him a bunch of cookies!

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