Friday, March 23, 2012

Um, it's too hot!

It was 80 degrees yesterday! That's all well and good, but without any leaves on the trees there was no shade. I was out in the sun ALL DAY. I lathered up with sunscreen, but I felt like I had been beat up by the end of the day. It sucked my energy. The sun, an energy sucker.

I walked a lot of dogs who were REALLY feeling the heat.

My horses with their winter fur still, tried to find shade in the bare branches of the honeysuckle bushes. The only shade I could find were some areas of pine trees. It's INSANE!!!!

Today is nicer, but it is very dry. Dry and windy and the brown grass makes for a very high fire danger. Some cigarette butt tossed to the side of the road could easily start a brush fire.

I am trying to do my online class homework, but it was SO hot!!! My last work was on Monday and the glare from the sun messed up my video. The whole video thing is such a pain, but I DO love the class.

Here is our latest. Doing multi wraps for the first time. Spur thought they were kind of boring, but he sure needs this work. Lots of reinforcement for jumps. Jumps are NOT his favorite and they re certainly the biggest number of obstacles in agility. So, building drive for jumps is pretty important!

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