Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Our homework again!

OK, so I snow shoe-ed a "runway" for doing our tunnel sends. The homework was to do sends to GO - straight exits. Then tunnel sends to call to hand. Then tunnel sends to front crosses. Then tunnel sends to shoulder pull, resulting in going back in the tunnel.

The first call to hand he read as a shoulder pull and went back in the tunnel. Then stopped dead with this expression like........"Huh, what the heck?". I gave him a cookie and tried again. He caught on quickly. I am MOST pleased by his awesome restrains!! Holy smokes, he sure is liking those!!! Go figure!

Today we went to the beach for a two hour walk with Mary. It was SO lovely down there! WAY low tide, tons of running for the dogs and Colby did great! It wasn't that crowded. In fact, we were alone most of the time. Roscoe tried to hump a big Newfoundland. We have met him before and he's a mellow dog, but STILL........DUDE......not a good idea! He's become a dirty old man. Then after the newfie left he thought about humping Mary's Cody. Um.........NO. Good GRIEF!!!

I had Spur wear his harness and did some restrain sends to chasing seagulls. He LOVED that! Mary was impressed! I walked dogs from 9:30 on and boy my legs were like rubber by the time we got back to the parking lot. I probably logged in nearly 16 miles today?

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