Thursday, March 1, 2012

Before the snow came!

We got some more home work done. I tried the little push away I sometimes do and that added some speed. Had a little trouble when my agility cat joined in. I didn't see her coming and then there she was!!! Poor little guy got pretty bummed out not doing that jump, but watch him recover!!! He works through it good Monkey Pants!!

I also worked on just the restrain to tunnel/ball. I watched all my trial and class videos this year and noticed a pattern. If I do the little bouncing into place that I sometimes do with him he starts faster. I wasn't sure he liked that, but I guess he does, so yesterday I tried really pulling on his harness and, well, it sure seemed to work. Something I can definitely keep working on!!! Funny little guy!!! It also helped that he had an audience and little Stella competing for attention!!! That always makes him try harder!!! :D

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