Monday, March 26, 2012

More Spur, it's all about Spur lately

And Roscoe isn't too keen on that. I try to get lots of Roscoe time and training, too, but when I am training Spur often Roscoe gets pissed. He peed in the house a couple times and that happened before when Spur was getting more training. He's now crated or has a belly band on for certain times. Damn!

We had a team trial this past weekend. Crazy busy trial and I was trying to redeem myself with my teammate by making sure to get a Q because I NQ'd us the last time. What do I do? I E on the very first run, ACK!!! I did a blind and did not connect with him. A stupid, "novice" mistake. He took an off course. TWEEEET, goes the E whistle. Damn IT. We then ran the next three classes REALLY well and managed to get into 3rd place out of 17 with our National Champion and his brother in 2nd. And then I E in Relay. Damn IT!!!! I made another stupid decision to run the half of Relay that had the teeter. It was teeter to tunnel and I thought that would really make him happy and the other half was really tough and my teammate is much more experienced. But, after the teeter he scooted off, like he sometimes does when it frightens him, and took an off course. BUT, we still managed to be JUST above the cut off and got a Q. PHEW!! Team is SO crazy!!!! Relay counts for like 40% or something. Thank goodness she ran her half clean. We made the cut off by something like 25 points, which isn't much.

I don't have any of the teams runs on film. I have his steeplechase runs, but no team runs. He had a very nice standard, under 40 seconds which is pretty good for him. And only 3 seconds behind Race, the National Champion, which again is REALLY good. We can sometimes be 10 seconds behind Race, LOL!! Race is ..... um .... lightening fast!!!!

His starts were not great this weekend. The courses were HARD. Like first jump a slice to the BACK side of the second jump. How demotivating! Another was jump, jump straight on to the BACK side of the third jump which was striaght on. Another really sucky way to start. I have to say this weekend's courses made me look forward to running some more AKC courses, LOL!!! Usually, AKC has nice long straight starting obstacles to get some speed up before doing something twisty and turny.

I'll post his steeplechase runs tomorrow, for now you'll have to do with Friday's practice. We ran the sequence and I think I did a better job of getting my verbals out in time. That's pretty BIG for me, LOL!!!!

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