Monday, March 19, 2012

Super fun USDAA trial on Sunday!

No gamble, darn it, but that's how it goes. It was a gamble we could have gotten if I had handled it differently.

The last course of the day was the highlight, though. It was jumpers with a very international flare! Why "international"? Back sides of jumps, threadles, crazy stuff everyone complained about as they saw the map. Uh, OK, we watch the international folks run courses and ooh and aah about them, yet complain when we get a course in our little local trials??? Huh? I couldn't wait to tackle this course!!

For one major reason.......jump #18. It had a wrap possibility that was much like what we have been practicing!!! ***Follow the numbers carefully!!! This course was not what we normally see at our little local trials.

Spur was one of only a select few who ran this clean. He was the fastest of the three performance dogs in all heights to be clean, by over 5 seconds. :D He did well and he wrapped 18 like a champ!!!! On #8 I pushed to the back side, then him into the threadle to the back side of #9 and then let him jump behind me with a blind as I tucked in after 9 so he was then on my left for 10. 10 - 11 doesn't look so hard, but it was a definite slice and for some dogs who jumped 10 big they missed 11 all together. The threadle had many people stumped. And managing 18 a lot of dogs knocked that bar.

He had a really nice standard with hardly any time lost on the table, good Monkey Pants!!

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