Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Some Spur videos

This is his standard from last weekend. He took the off course jump after the chute. It's a VERY short chute and I didn't call him soon enough. It was a pretty nice run, good start and he was OK about the teeter. It wasn't weighted this weekend, just the normal sand bags. Papillon people were chief ring crew, so they also feel the weighted base really affected the dogs. Makes it MORE solid feeling and many don't like that. I guess they would rather it have more give/bounce? It's interesting.

Here is his JWW. I really like this run. I do one back cross at the start and I think he starts pretty well. I do two blinds that could have been smoother, but they worked. Then at the end I planned a back cross before the second to last jump, but I was THERE and decided to serp it instead. I did walk the serp, but thought it might be too much pressure pushing him to that last jump, but nope I'm fast enough to get out of his way. :D

This is from last week. My yard FINALLY cleared of snow and he was SO happy to train some dog walks!!! Notice how he drives to that jump before all by himself. That's pretty new behavior, good little man. We can't get gambles, but he can drive out to a jump if it means his DW is next. I LOVES to train his DW!!!! Looks like going into nothing is A-OK.

And this is our homework for Silvia's foundation class. I am trying to get him to do a restrained start using his new harness. He's been doing just OK. She suggested maybe I try him with the restrain to just the tunnel/ball first and see if I can't get him driving forward off the start better that way. And try another start for the wrap work. Plus, we angled the jump wrong, it should be facing the tunnel, but I start him the same, then he sends to the tunnel without running along beside the jump, so I have to re-do that. Not sure if I will get that done before this blasted snow comes. >:/ NOT happy about that, my yard is so nice and clear now. Damn it, snow!!!!


  1. Dogwalks look awesome and so did his starts! You posted the DW video twice though so I can't see the foundation vid.