Saturday, February 4, 2012

Another gamble????

I can hardly believe it!! And this one was AWESOME! It felt good, I breathed. Yep, I actually took a breath. That may be my proudest moment. Breathing! I remembered that, too, later in the day. You know, how you slowly remember your dream. It all comes clear as your morning progresses. My breath, I remember that. It was as he did the second a-frame, I felt this strange relaxation...........breathing. A big breath. I just knew we could get this gamble, it was easy, I took a breath. We did it and not only did we get it we got the third most points of anyone, beaten only by Wicked and Perk.

Yep, some people name their dogs Wicked and Perk. I like those names. Kind of like Dude, only more cool, cuz Dude's not really a cool name, or is it? That's what Rich wants to name our next dog. We are always naming next dogs, even though so many of our dogs already came named. Spur's name was picked out in 84 and haven't had a dog since who didn't already have a name, until Spur. Isn't that when "The Man From Snowy River" movie came out? I think so, 83 or 84.

I can't believe it. A whole year of failed gambles, then two weekends in a row, gambles! And both had teeters in them. THAT's kind of even more remarkable. Well, not really because we have been practicing his teeter at a distance. Teeters..........the bane of so many people's agility existence. I spoke with a friend today and I never knew this about her awesome old papillon, Treat..........he had racked up 6000 MACH points before getting his MACH. You only need 750. But, it was the teeter. Six pound Treat kept flying off his teeter. That's a "failure to perform" and an immediate NQ. Damn teeter. She bought three teeters for Treat. So he would learn all variety of teeter feels. Hmmmmm, more money I need to spend on agility? More teeters? A friend suggested a swap. A teeter swap. Really? Like how we exchange books? A teeter exchange? Might be a good idea.

For now, this is the only video I have. My videographer must have turned my iPad on it's side. That's what happens when you do that. She should know this, she has an iPhone. I'll have to scold her. Do you scold friends who make mistakes videoing or not? Maybe not. Or maybe, she's actually a friend's kid, so maybe I can scold her. Maybe not. She was nice enough to video, but she also missed his opening. Oh well, another friend said she got it on her iPhone, so maybe we have a better one coming. Stay tuned.

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