Friday, February 24, 2012

The cows needed a scolding

The cows haven't been in the pasture in a while. Today they were out there and Roscoe was just not sure they belonged there. We were all the way on the other side of the sunflower field and he just saw the pile of them all together and I'm not totally sure he knew they were the cows, but he was sure they needed a talking to, whatever they were.
Look at the hair on the back of his neck. LOL!!
I spoke to him and got this expression.......
They got a tongue lashing........... I tried to tell him they actually belong on the farm, they LIVE there and that HE is actually a trespasser, but that didn't stop him from saying bad words to them anyway.

Did you know there are only 24 days left until spring?? We count those days. The dead, brown grass is getting old. The mud is disgusting, the damp, grey landscape is a bore. Time for spring to arrive and some bright colors to return. I am happy we don't have a pile of snow, but the mud and brown grasses are starting to bore us. I actually broke my shedding blade yesterday. It's what I use to scrape the mud and loose hair from the horses. It was probably 30 years old, but living without it for ONE day was NOT nice. I went to the pet store and bought a new one. I'm trying to imagine the size of the dog this one is made for. Definitely like a bernese mountain dog or malamute or saint bernard. Or horse.

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