Sunday, February 12, 2012

Weekend goals never happen, or do they?

I made goals this weekend. Why, I haven't a clue, I am not a goal setter. Oh yeah, I once determined to run a mile and I made that goal. A whole mile I ran. I also once determined to finish my morning coffee. That got done! I like my coffee so maybe that shouldn't be a goal?

This weekend I was determined to do just a couple things - TWO goals.

Do my blasted newsletter which I know is going to take me like four hours of hell because my dinosaur computer system sucks ass and makes me insane and is SO slow and dreadful and horrible. Did you know the tick can go nearly a decade without food? I swear my computer can go that long without loading a page of my newsletter, it's on a major diet of despair and doom and I start to feel like maybe the hammer downstairs would fix things. Did you know that about ticks? I saw that this morning on Animal Planet TV. Ticks are the number one dieters in the world. A decade? Then they can eat 600 times their body weight. I hate ticks. I'll never diet for a decade or eat 600 times my weight. That's just stupid.

The other goal? Take the bags of stuff to Goodwill that have been sitting in the front room for weeks. And go get some paint samples to test for the bedroom. Goals. What have I done?

Yesterday I bathed the dogs instead. Oh, but I did add to the bags. I'm like an anti-hoarder. I save things for years, but I am not hoarding them. Please, take them away any time I will be happy. Just take my shit and get it out of here. Why do I save it? I am not a hoarder. I have more bags upstairs that need to go to Goodwill. They have been waiting for years. Seriously, have you watched that show? It's sad. I am not a hoarder. I just don't have too much trouble piling up stuff that I really don't even want and would be very happy if someone would just take away because I'm too lazy to get it to Goodwill myself. I get it to the front room and then it sits in bags waiting. If I had one of those big "GOT JUNK" containers outside I'd happily fill it right up!

What DID I do yesterday? Bathed the dogs. Yeah, like that took me all day. They total barely 35lbs of dog meat, yet it took me all day? I don't get that. I was avoiding the trip to Goodwill? I was avoiding doing my newsletter? Yep. Lazy ass I am. But, listen I'm not really THAT lazy it isn't easy to bathe these little monsters. First, they need warmth to dry. I had to stoke the stove and crank it up to nearly 80 degrees in here so they could dry. I don't have a big blow dryer for my dogs. They are happy to sit by the fire, but I also pile them in warm coats to dry.

The bathrobe under the winter coat. He's not impressed.

He's impressed it fit him and he's all like......"whatevah....I am the cutest dog in the world, whatevahhh..........."Someone wasn't staying!!!I made him stay. I feel those eyes burn into me. Whatevahhhhhhh....... All clean, shiny and soft!!!!

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