Monday, February 13, 2012

Colby looks pretty good still!!

This photo was taken a few years ago when she could see pretty well and still had both eyes and doesn't have much grey on her face.This was taken a few days ago. She looks pretty much the same! More grey on her muzzle and lower legs. Funny how the grey hits the mahogany coloring first.She's lost some muscle tone, but really not looking too bad for a nearly 13 year old almost blind girl!! If she were not blind I know she would look more fit, but she still works the gardens and fields and even caught a mouse the other day!!!
That same day Spur was alerting to the neighbors playing across the street. Showing his "bulldog" stance, I guess. He does have a wide chest and elbows that wing out some. Colby's ortho vet said his elbows felt good! Still, kind of odd looking front, for sure. He has some conformation faults, for sure, but he still manages his body pretty well for having spent his first five and a half months in a cage!!!

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