Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Winter has not been so hard lately! :D

I actually even got the Pin Heads to the beach on Sunday. We headed out around 3:00 thinking all those sports fans would be heading home, right? Yes, we were right!! It was amazing the exodus of cars leaving. And people, but there were still some folks there. Sundays I usually avoid the beach as it is just too busy. Spur loves people and will jump on them, especially those who coo and ahhh over his cuteness, which is everyone pretty much. I try like heck to warn them or get him before he does because even cooing people aren't impressed sometimes with sandy dog paws. And he's not great with big dogs, so a busy Sunday stroll at the beach is out for us most days. Not SuperBowl Sunday, though. :D

We had a nearly uneventful time and the dogs loved it. On the way in Roscoe was pooping and I was picking it up and I didn't see the approaching big dog (on leash), but the next instant Spur was barking at them. OH, I apologized and yelled for him to come and the people were fine with it and said it was OK. Damn it, I want to be the GOOD dog person at the beach. It really wasn't a big deal and I am glad they had their big dog (looked very pitty like, but probably nice) on leash, because they didn't have to at that point. It was the path/road in and it's not required to have them leashed. I am usually totally aware of my surroundings, but somehow missed those folks coming along.

Then after a very peaceful and solitary and lovely beach walk we happened upon the exit at the same time as a very pretty border collie mix who CHARGED little Stella, the littlest of our group and at the very last minute avoided slamming her, but spraying her with sand as he/she skidded around her. Shit, that all happens so fast. She was NOT impressed and her person fended off the rude dog. It then started to chase Spur, to which I yelled and shooed it away, saying to it's people........"Is your dog FRIENDLY????".........translation.........."Your dog is NOT friendly!!!"......to which they said......."Yep, he's friendly". To which I said........"OK, but we'll let you go along first". They sauntered down the path at a snail's pace, stopping even to take photos. NOT good dog people. The dog wasn't that bad, but why let your big dog charge a tiny dog???? Why do that and not apologize and try to get the dog away???? I just don't get that. I know dogs will be dogs, but at least make an effort???? I am sorry Spur barked at that pitty mix. I apologized and made a major effort to get him back ASAP. I tried. These people didn't even try or care. They just seemed to feel their dog should be able to charge a tiny dog any time it wants.

Roscoe and Colby both got to go and had double coats on and did fine. They were happy to have smooth walking and no ice or snow. Colby had trouble with the low sunlight, but she manages, poor thing. I would hate to go blind.

That morning I had checked Roscoe's teeth and noticed he lost the tooth he knocked last winter playing the "chase me" game with Spur. He ran into a chair. Damn. It broke and loosened, but my vet thought it might be OK or just eventually come out and not to worry about it, but to keep an eye on it, which I did and it just sort of stayed there kind of loose. I had noticed it was getting looser and looser. It took a year. Someone said I should now call him "Letterman". LOL!!!

We are practicing Spur's table a LOT. Putting "money in the bank". I have obviously failed to train a happy table. Damn it!!! We sometimes lose 3-5 seconds on the table and that stinks. LOVE AKC's "positionless" table. They don't have to do anything, just stand there, love that. But, not USDAA, it's a down. Elbows down before the 5 second count starts. Lately, though, with our indoor winter table training we are loosing only about 1-2 seconds, so it's improving!!!! Dinner last night for the dogs was boiled chicken. It's WAY cheaper than any dog treats. I bought 3lbs at Smahas for just over $6! So, lots of chicken for good tables. The Pin Heads get to practice down stays, too. Why not, they love chicken!
Toulouse found a lovely sunspot to sunbath on Sunday. Sunbathing Sunday Sunspots.
I think he's happy here!The horses napped. What's curious is how they nap. They always do this. Each one facing a different direction. They look sort of disconnected? Do you think that is a natural instinct? I do. Each one has sentry to a different vantage point. You know, in case a snow leopard or mountain lion happens to come through, right? Jazz is SO furry the poor guy has to find shade these days!!!!

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