Thursday, February 23, 2012

Class last night

We are SO lovin' our classes with Kim. It's just the most supportive group and everyone seems to have a great time. This was a fun course and I thought the wrap after the first tunnel would be really demotivating for Spur, but he sure handled it just fine I think! My worry was that he would not know he was turning right and would then back jump it. Nope, he did that just fine, nice blind cross execusion there? Maybe I hesitate just a wee bit?

The last tunnel jump is hard to see how difficult from this angle, but you really had to push the dog to the other side of that jump as they came out of the tunnel. For the big dogs that was REALLY hard. For Spur I pushed, then blinded it and he did fine. He does look at the off course blue jump as I run to the last wing jump, but he stays with me good little man. I just needed to connect a little more.

I LOVE his speed off the start. :D That's really been holding up for us!!! He's very careful with his weave entry and always is. That's a good thing, but some day I hope to see him diving into that entry as that really wasn't that hard an entry. He never misses his entries, his weaves are really rock solid. :D He shortens his last stride on the DW a bit more than necessary, but with all those options available I can see why he would. He is nicely in, regardless. I could have pushed harder to get more speed on his DW and I must remember to do that. I get careful sometimes, quiet and inhibited and he wants lots of info and coaching and "cheerleading". He needs that and the more I talk to him and encourage him the faster he goes.

Fun course!!!


  1. Wow! You guys are fast! What a nice place you have to train too :)

  2. Aw, thanks Catalina!!!! He sure is getting faster as he gains confidence!!! :D