Thursday, February 16, 2012

I'm feeling really lucky right now

So, what's my most favorite thing to do, like ever? Walk dogs. I could walk dogs all day. Oh wait, that's what I DO! I am SO lucky. I get paid to walk dogs. Does it get any better than that? OK, maybe if I got paid to walk my own dogs? Imagine that. Who would pay me? Me?

This is one of my paid jobs. Wylie! He's so fun and so cute and so happy. And my legs look SO long. I think photo illusions are strange. Wylie's head is NOT that big and my legs are NOT that long. And my hair is NOT that grey. OK, well, maybe that last one is true, but no my image of my hair. It's definitely still brunette with highlights of blond and red. Really pretty, but not grey.

I get to walk dogs in hoods with funky doorways. Purple and sage green. I love those colors. I love this doorway!

And past lawns with hippo benches. I want this in my yard! It's too heavy to steal. Where does one get such a thing? I have never seen anyone sit on it. I would sit on it if it were in my yard.

And past sheds with little flower containers that look like bicycles. Sweet.

I am a lucky person. I think that little wheel has hearts for spokes. It's all about hearts this week. I like Valentine's week!!! Spread the LOVE!

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