Friday, September 2, 2011

Working turns with Spur

After reviewing the video I see that placing the "stick" farther out actually made him worse? It looked better at first, but that's when he was going slow. He worries some with new stuff and is slower because of that. Silvia wanted to see if we could get him deeper on the flat as he was VERY high on the full DW. Not sure it is much better. Some, but the trouble is I really can't see his hits from my position very well. Hard to see how deep he is. From the camera angle it's easy to see. :P

His pivoting is so cute. He sure enjoys it. Not as psycho as Rock Star Roscoe, who can't possibly pivot because that's just too slow. He ends up whipping around in a circle, front feet come off the platform, he's just NUTS. Spur is way more thoughtful.

He sure looks HUGE in the pivoting part, A? I mean, shit, he's only 14lbs.

1 comment:

  1. Super cute pivoting!

    It'll be really interesting to see what his turns look like when the board starts to raise and he is going faster. It looks like he's thinking really hard right now, at least in the earlier ones!