Monday, September 12, 2011

Ut oh, trouble on the horizon!!

That's what Nate said to Kathy when he saw us walking. Lisa came over for the first time in.......weeks? And we took a nice farm walk. Before doing that, though, I asked for her good videoing help. Spur did four lovely DW's at the trial Saturday, but one he LEAPED............gasp. That is only the second time since we have a finished product. So to speak. The first time was that blind cross I tried to sneak in and took him by surprise.

He also leaped his a-frame which he has NEVER done even in practice. :O Oh my!!!! So, I decided since Lisa was coming we might get as much excitement as at a trial. It worked, he was PRETTY excited. And this is the result..........

Wow, how interesting!! Just about a week before I had my friend and trainer over for a quick visit and she watched him run his DW perfectly about 8 times. I did that because I needed to get back his speed after doing turns. It was perfect, every time. Now this!!! Yikes!

I sent it to Silvia. Her answer was basically that since it is really hard for him with three stride and nearly impossible with two that I may need to do more maintenance than most. Oh great. Love that. I just recently commented on a group list that RDW's were maintenance free. It seemed they were, until this weekend!!! Oi! Of course I have to have a dog with an "in between" stride. Two stride isn't enough, three is too many. But, he has been able to adjust with three strides pretty well, so we just need to do a few refreshers, I guess.

Or, she said we could lower the DW and really push for MORE speed and try for two. But, with the Nationals coming up next month that seems risky. So, for now back to as it was and doing a few sessions to refresh things.

After our session we headed to the farm. Nate saw us from the window and said to Kathy "Trouble on the horizon". Hahahahahaha!! Yep, that would be us, "trouble". So, out they came on the golf cart to meet up and Kathy and George joined us the rest of the walk. The pack, almost intact. Minus Colby who is still on lock down to try to heal her sore back. Poor thing. She stays home with a stuffed Kong.


  1. Oh bummer! But he really seemed to settle in as you kept going so I wouldn't worry about it. Besides, what's a missed contact here and there!

    If you later decide to push for 2 hits then the use of a stride regulator could help

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