Monday, September 5, 2011

USDAA trial report!

Sorry, no video. I couldn't get anyone to do that for me, although I didn't try too hard. Kate videoed a couple times, but then we both realised she used someone else's camera!! LOL!! How funny is that? That person will be wondering what the heck!?

This was Spur's first outdoor trial in a while and he was a little out of sorts. Kind of sniffy at one point and slower than his norm lately. He did better in Snooker and we had an awesome run going, surely a Super Q which he needs, but I didn't support # 4 and.....TWEEET.....we only ended up with 35 points. You need 37 to Q. Darn it!!! He qualified in Steeplechase, but was kind of slow for a third place since I am a LOSER and missed my walk through and only got to see five dogs run ahead of us before running it cold. But, he Q'd and ran OK.

Sunday was better, but WICKED hot and humid. He wasn't super fast in Standard, but it was a very hard course and he nailed it for a win! None of the other 12" dogs Q'd. Then he ran really well in Grand Prix for a Q and a win! Again, none of the other 12" dogs Q'd. It wasn't that hard a course and we did a Jenny Damm move! She was there trialing after doing a week of seminars and I saw her coaching my friend Mary. It was a rear and then blind that worked perfectly to get a tight turn and not open up the off course tunnel. Spur loves blinds and we did five on that course, one being that cool Jenny Damm move. I introduced myself to her on Saturday and she was funny, looking at Spur she says......."What's that?"...and everyone chuckled. I said probably a pap/aussie and everyone agreed. He flipped up his papillon ears!

We ran a very nice Steeplechase finals but again a third place. Super fast Race and Sparkle beat us. By several seconds!

Last run was Jumpers and he won it and Q'd, but seemed very tired and slow. It was really hot.

My take on the weekend is that Spur likes loud, crowded indoor trials SO much better. I hope it's really loud and crowded at the Nationals.

**Laura, Lance and Vito - I have decided, with Silvia's suggestion, to stop working turns. She thinks he is too much like her Bu and worries and will end up slowing down if we work on them too much. She said with some dogs like Spur and Bu turns just get better without any training. She suggested I keep working curves, since he is higher on curves and try to get deeper hits with those, but stop working turns. I think that's a good plan!!!! We did some straight exits Friday and he got his speed back and was deep and awesome!! YAY! Perfect at the trial! :D


  1. Well the good news, (for Spur anyway not for me!) is that fall seems to be here and thus indoor trials!

    I bet it was a blast trying your new moves, especially at a trial!

    Aww what an easy answer for turn work- just don't do it!! That's great that he so happily went back to doing straights. I'm not doing any tight turns with Vito as i also didn't like the road we were going down. I was kinda hoping though that I could see Spur's progression on it :P

  2. Thanks for the trial report!! I figured you two were tearing up turf somewhere :) Stella's Mom.