Friday, September 23, 2011

A big bull!!

And he had one thing on his tiny brain. Poor old girl. Goodness! It's like robbing the nursing home for crying out loud!!!!

They say the maples won't have much color this year. I think this section of woods will be OK and look pretty in a few days.

Here is another video of Spur's "experimenting". 80% which isn't so bad. And I REALLY like some of his hits. Deeper than ever.

Today we had two sessions. First one was about 70%, lots of experimenting. Second session was 100%, but I can tell he was tired. It was after our first session and after a long farm walk and after his dinner. About an hour after his dinner, but still I think he was tired. However, he was thoughtful and had some interesting hits. Experimenting.

Tomorrow and AKC trial. Damn it, supposed to rain. I am really getting sick of bad weather for outdoor trials. I mean, shit, this is fall in New England and supposed to be the ultimate in good weather. SHIT!

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  1. I think he's figuring it out nicely! Good luck at the trial today!