Monday, September 19, 2011

Fleas?? Really!

So, my mom came for a visit with Joe, her dog. She has been having trouble with fleas as many people have this year. What can I Joe can't come? I mean, seriously, I walk with dogs I know have fleas, I stay in hotel rooms with dogs I know have fleas, I work and walk dogs for a living who I know have fleas. It's just part of having dogs. But, I refuse to let them take over this house, so....................I worked till exhausted yesterday making the best effort I possibly could to stop that from happening. Spur got a bath and after he was dry I applied Advantix. The Pin Heads got Advantix. Everyone is telling me that's the product this year for fleas. It's tick season again, so it was time for something.

I vacuumed. Put a bit of flea collar in my bag and I vacuumed and vacuuumed and vacuuuuuuuuumed. I did the WHOLE house, under the beds and couches and chairs. I washed all the dog bedding that is washable. I washed the throws and comforters. I washed the sheets.

I refuse to let fleas take over this house!!! I will vacuum every other day this week with a fresh bit of flea collar. I am determined. We have been very lucky here and have not had fleas, so I am determined. I may be exhausted, but I refuse to have fleas.

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