Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Wow, Spur-de-Blur!

So, finally able to check the full results and Spur's standard time was beat only by three big, VERY fast dogs!! I can't even believe I am comparing him to dogs like that!!!! WAY TO GO Spurminator!!! He ROCKED! SO cool! He is definitely ready for Nationals! :D

We lost cable during that storm and it is amazing how lost I was without internet. I can live without power, but not internet. GASP! I had to drive to the town hall and sit in the parking lot using their WiFi. How sad is that???

I was going through my photos and found these I took while walking Wylie. This rock wall garden is FABULOUS!! Absolutely totally cool...........

Those are called "Hens and Chickens". Not really sure why?
Don't look like hens or chickens to me? And aren't hens and chickens ultimately the same thing?
It is simply so pretty!!
Poor little Mouse and Pebbles. They STILL have colds! I asked the vet about it and she said to just let it run it's course. Sometimes it takes a while. I have pulled back more of their cover, so they can look out more. They are getting braver, but Mouse still HISSES at me everything I reach in to clean the cage. Pebbles is more affected by the cold, she sounds like Darth Vadar with her breathing. :( And her eyes are a little icky. Poor thing, but both are bright and alert and eating well!! They are just BORED to no end! They don't try to escape, though. Happy enough I guess to have shelter and food?

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